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I’ve been a storyteller my whole life. Always daydreaming and creating games with intricate plots as a child, to beginning tales over and over again in notebooks and word documents as I got older. Paired with a macabre streak that’s been part of my personality since possibly the beginning of time, the tone of the stories I’m interested in telling skews towards horror, dark fantasy, and the breakdown of relationships.

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  • Back in Action
    It seems the space-time continuum has stabilized and I’ve escaped the strange warp of ever-lasting holidays. January still exhibited signs of temporal anomalies, seeming to stretch on forever while simultaneously being too short. However, as I’ve both survived and … Continue reading Back in Action

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  • I Started Young: Growing Up as a Horror Fan
    I can’t say for certain what drew me to horror—to reading it, watching it, listening to it. There was some kind of macabre streak in me as a child, as I think there is in many children. Before you really realize that ghosts and skeletons and grim reapers are things you’re meant to be afraid of, or have any real concept of death, they’re just neat.

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    When I think about how butterflies migrate around mountains centuries gone, I wonder about the place that must call to my bones— a ghost of home in the blood of my ancestors.


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The Vanished: A horror mystery with supernatural elements, set in 1930’s New York City.

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